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Fat and Cellulite Reduction Using Cutting Edge Ultrasound Santa Monica

The non surgical liposuction machine might just be your ticket to thinness for those of us who do not have significant volume to remove.  The non surgical liposuction machine was designed and is manufactured by an American based company.  Up to 500cc of liquefied fat can be absorbed by the body per treatment. This non surgical liposuction process is an excellent treatment for cellulite, proves that fat cell destruction is possible without harm to the under and overlying muscles or other tissues as seen in standard external and internal ultrasonic-assisted liposuction procedures which are vulnerable to burns and other thermal wounds.

The non surgical fat removal treatment may remove up to an 1/8 to a 1/4 of an inch in the treatment area – far less than what can be achieved with standard liposuction.  However, there is no pain, no bruising, no bleeding, no risk of infection or burn and you can return once a week for more treatments.

Cellulite Removal

Breaking Down Cellulite For Those Lumps, Bumps & Dimples

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